This version of the Visual Studio add-in for VS 2008, VS 2010, VS 2012 and VS 2013, adds new design patterns, improves performance and fixes some bugs.
Currently only some OO patterns for C#, VB, native C++ and C++\CLI are implemented, but eventually more languages and patterns will follow.
Before downloading, uninstall previous versions of the add-in from the Windows start menu: 'All Programs'->'Design Patterns'->'Uninstall DesignPatterns for VS 20XX'
Download the specific archive you need for the same Visual Studio version(s) you are using, unzip it, and run setup.exe from the corresponding folder.
If you have downloaded for all VS versions in the archive, unzip the archive and run the install.bat.
So far, I have tested it only on Windows 7 64 bit and Windows XP 32 bit.
If the first time you invoke the add-in won't load correctly, just restart Visual Studio.
  • After the installation, start Visual Studio, open a project and select 'Add Design Patterns' from one of the menus.
If you can't see this menu item, close Visual Studio and click on the Windows Startup button, then
select the 'Design patterns' menu, then the right version of 'VS 20XX' and 'Reset Visual Studio Add-in'
If you still see 'command' warnings when Visual Studio starts, open the VS command prompt and run "devenv /resetaddin *" command.

If you got an evaluation license and the 'About' dialog says you have days left, but the 'Next' or
'Generate' button is disabled, just restart Visual Studio and it should work.
An online tutorial is available on youtube.
A lot more documentation is available at

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